Samsung Galaxy S6

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Samsung Galaxy S6

samsung galaxy s6To say that the release of the Samsung S5 was a bit of a disappointment for Samsung last year is a bit of an understatement. After the extremely successful release of their most successful phone ever, Samsung found themselves in a crossroads last year; their new and exciting flagship phone, the Galaxy S5 failed to achieve the numbers that they were hoping for and in turn they found themselves having to redesign their flagship in order to meet these numbers. Fortunately, it seems like Samsung has finally recognized the areas where they needed to improve and they have managed to create a phone that is not only stylish, but highly functional as well and with the release of the Galaxy S6 they will try to restore the company to its former glory.

During the early stages of development, Samsung announced that one of the main focus of the major re-design that the phone was expected to get was aimed towards improving some of the major issues that plagued the release of their previous flagship. Samsung stated that the main issues to address included design, camera and battery life. In order to place a major focus on these issues, a few features were removed from the Galaxy S6 such as water-proofing and the USB 3.0 port.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date

The rumors surrounding Samsung’s new flagship began to surface during the first few days of 2015; It was allegedly reported that Samsung would decide to make a switch from the usual Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset to the in-house Exynos chip due to the fact that their previous phone had suffered from overheating issues. Samsung eventually settled for the Exynos 7420 Octa-core chipset in order to provide a more stable platform for the development of applications and software.

In early February, rumors surrounding and all-metal body began to surface and the first official tease from Samsung came in the form of a promotional webpage released by T-Mobile on late February. The phone would be officially revealed a week later at the Mobile World Congress and a release date of April 10 was announced under the slogan “Next is now”.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Hardware Specifications


  • Samsung Exynos 8000 16-core processor / Snapdragon Qualcomm 810 64-bit
  • 4GB RAM
  • 128GB on-board memory
  • 5.2 inches Ulta High Definition display (4K) or full HD flexible display
  • 21MP (Ultra Pixel Sensor) recording at 8K resolution (ready content for your 8K resolution TV)
  • 3300 to 3500 mAh battery
  • Android 5.0

Processor and Hardware

Due to the limited success of their previous flagship phone, Samsung decided to do a major re-design for this year’s version of the Galaxy. As mentioned before, Samsung decided to ditch the Qualcomm chipset in order to have their Octa-core, 1.5GHZ version of the Exynos chipset this year. The phone itself shares little similarities to its former iterations and features a unibody frame of aluminum alloy with a glass backing and a curved bezel. The final dimensions of the phone are 143.4 * 70.4 * 6.8 mm and the total weight of the phone is 138 grams or 4.87 oz.


The screen features a curved Gorilla Glass 4 surface which is scratch-resistant which cases a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen capable of displaying up to 16 million colors. The total size of the screen is 5.1 inches which makes for a 70% screen-to-body ratio capable of displaying a resolution of 1440X2560 pixels. This is the answer of many people question on “how many inches is the galaxy s6”.

Operating System

The phone features a stock version of the 5.0.2 Lollipop Android OS which is upgradable to 5.1.1. The Galaxy S6 has three different options when it comes internal storage (32/64/128 GBs) and has 3Gbs of RAM.


The Galaxy S6 also features a main, 16MP Camera with optical image stabilization, autofocus and a LED flash while also featuring a 5MP frontal camera with dual video call and auto HDR. One of the main selling points of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is its main camera. It uses the 16-megapixel Sony Exmor RS IMX240 sensor, which is the same sensor used in the Galaxy Note 4. On average it takes less than a second to launch the camera app and the auto-focus is fantastic as long as you find yourself in good lighting conditions, otherwise it could take a bit of time for this feature to kick in.

Battery Life

As we mentioned before, one of the major complains with the previous Galaxy model was the fact that the battery life was ridiculously short for a flagship phone and users reported that they could barely get a few worth of talk time with the S5. However, Samsung fans will be happy to know that for this year’s model, Samsung has decided to include 2550mAh battery that is about 2% smaller in size but because Samsung decided to use a different circuit board, they managed to extend the talk time to an incredible 17 hours!

Ultra-fast Charging

Never worry about your battery again thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S6’s lightning-fast charging speed, which is up to 1.5 times faster than previous models. Its wireless charging compatibility means you can simply pop the Samsung Galaxy S6 onto a compatible charging pad for a wire-free recharge.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Reviews

Upon release, the Samsung Galaxy S6 was generally met with a positive reaction. Reviewers and technology websites praised the phone’s stylish and sleek design, the high quality of its camera, the responsive and intuitive interface which integrates quite well into the Lollipop architecture and the notable improvement on Touch Wiz and other technologies which had proven to be lackluster on the Galaxy S5. Reviewers however, argued that the battery life of the Galaxy S6 could be better and also reported that the hardware integration of the fingerprint sensor tends to be inaccurate. The phone also received criticism from a few websites due to the fact that the phone is not water-proof; something that tends to be a major selling point for similar phones in the market. The fact that the phone does not include a micro SD slot or a removable battery was also highlighted despite the fact that similar phones in the market (such as the IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 Plus) do not have a removable battery or a micro SD slot.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Another Story

Back when the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge were announced, Samsung announced that it was shooting for 70 million sales by the end of the phone’s life cycle. As of mid-2015 the phone has only sold 10 million units despite the fact that Samsung had previously announced that it had taken 20 million pre-orders for the phone. Given the fact that the launch month is usually the month with the highest number of sales and the fact that this would leave Samsung with only 10 months to move the other 60 million units, it is safe to say that Samsung will once again fail to meet its sales target for the fiscal year, especially with the upcoming arrival of other flagship phones later in the year such as the Galaxy Note 5 and the iPhone 6s. These figures ultimately make us wonder the motivation behind Samsung’s decision to remove a few features that are usually selling points for other similar phones in the same market share such as the water-proofing and the inclusion of a high-speed 3.0 USB port. It remains to be seen whether or not Samsung will capitalize on the lessons learned during the life cycles of their previous flagships and how they will act upon these lessons in order to move the large amount of phones that are now stuck in warehouses. Unfortunately, until Samsung elaborates it is possible that the Galaxy S6 will become another disappointment in the sales department for Samsung and its shareholders.

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