Samsung Galaxy S6- The Giant Performer with Mind Boggling Specs

This has been quite an eventful years for Samsung. After launching Galaxy S5 in all major markets the company is now gearing up for its new product. The galaxy S6 will be released somewhere in the first quarter of 2015 and will come with sixteen core processor. It is also rumored that Samsung is working on full metal and UNIBODY design for the sixth installment of Galaxy. With the introduction Galaxy S5 in the market, Samsung seems to have set a benchmark for all other mobile companies to follow. The device is undoubtedly one of the best smartphone available in the market. With a plethora of high-end features, the S6 will simply leave you speechless. Samsung is known all over the world for its innovative products. With the galaxy series, the company has established itself as one of the major players in the smartphone market.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6- Creating a new breed of high-end smartphones

With Samsung Galaxy S5, the company has created a different segment of smartphone altogether. And now the S6 is expected to come with a plethora of high end features which will lure you instantly. Samsung Galaxy S6 will be a high end smartphone that will come with plethora of features. The device will run on the latest version of android operating system and will be powered by dual core processing unit. In terms of performance, Galaxy S6 will be one of the best devices in the market. The poly carbonate body will give it an exceptional look. The device will be available in multiple color option so that you can choose your favorite one. Without any doubt, Galaxy S6 is expected to be one of the best smart phones when it will be released next year.

Expected Specification and major features of galaxy S6

The device will be available in 16, 32, 64 gigabyte version which can be expanded with external card. Galaxy S6 might come with 20 megapixel shooter in the front and 5 megapixel HD cameras for video calling. You can record and play high definition content on this device. Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to dominate the smartphone segment. You can also play high definition content seamlessly on your phone. Samsung Galaxy S6 will be powered by sixteen core processing unit that can handle multiple applications without any hassles. The RAM is expected to be 4 gigabytes making it one of the most powerful devices in the market. The screen size could be anything ranging from 5.5 inch to 6.0 inch and will host features like HD IPS and ULTRA AMOLED screen. Large clear black display will ensure that you can seamlessly browse through the screen even under heavy sunlight. The device will run on latest version of Android operating system from Google. One of the most astonishing features of this device is the build quality and Samsung is expected to keep up with water and dust proof features just like Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs

Design and display

The new Galaxy S6 will come with a high end design and is also expected to available in multiple colors. One of the best things about this device is that despite the large screen size, it will be very easy to hold in the hands. With the multiple color options, you can choose the one that suits your needs. The sleek bar design structures ensures that the device can be used with ease. The rear and front camera are perfectly placed in the design. The design also features smooth as well as nonlinear line which gives it a perfect finishing touch. The Galaxy S6 will come with a screen resolution of 4K which offers the best viewing experience when it comes to HD content. The screen size will range from 5.5 to 6.0 inch which is perfect for watching high-definition videos on your device. So if you are looking for a smartphone with exceptional multimedia and display capabilities, the Galaxy S6 will be your perfect companion. The screen also comes with advanced features like ULTRA AMOLED, capacitive touch and Samsung customized user interface. It offers the best android experience to the users. The device also has high pixel density with automatic light adjustment features so that you can see the screen clearly even under bright sunlight.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Design

Expected Battery and storage & Connectivity of Upcoming Galaxy S6

The Galaxy S6 is expected to be powered by a 4000mAH lithium ion battery which provides sufficient back up even under heavy usage. The device will offer a talk time of approximately 36 hours in 2 G mode and 18-20 hours in 3G mode. You can also listen to music for more than 50 hours on the device. It can play high definition videos consistently. In term of performance and battery life, it will be one of the most powerful devices in the market. Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with 16 gigabyte of internal storage which can be expanded to 128 gigabytes via external card. Its internal memory will be ample enough to for all high end applications and games. So if you are looking to make the most out of your smartphone experience then Samsung Galaxy S6 is the perfect option for you. The device might also come with 4 gigabyte RAM to support high end applications and games.The Galaxy S6 might come with connectivity features like 3G, LTE, Bluetooth, A-GPS, Wi-Fi, WI-FI direct and tethering support.. Apart from this it will also offer advanced connectivity features like tethering and hotspot. Google maps will come pre-installed with the device. The multimedia experience is simply amazing with Galaxy S6. With the memory storage capacity of up to 128 GB, the user can store messages, photos and videos in the phone with ease. Also, the magnificently comfortable to operate 8 Mega Pixel camera provide the facility of clicking and video recording to the user. The phone is expected to be available in the sophisticated white colour for those who like to grab a decent phone that adds to their style.


  1. Pramod says

    Don’t expect more from Samsung. It will release its flagship with minor modification of S5. Its innovation is saturated.!!!

  2. Ian Atcheler says

    When are they going to add two lenses to the rear of the phone to allow 3D video recording?

  3. Micah langley says

    Don’t make the phone huge keep it 5.o or go up to 5.2 don’t need be huge don’t need a laptop overt my ear.. put a flash on the front of phone
    Be nice ti have

  4. Karen Ladd says

    Would like to see the samsung galaxy s6 come out for consumers to buy in early Jan of 2015. Can’t wait for its debut. Love Samsung. Have had iphone in the past but after having the samsung note 3 , I really think Samsung surpasses iphone by a long shot not only in looks but also in its own personal capabilities and known statistics. Think samsung wins hands down.

  5. Karen Ladd says

    I can’t wait for the Samsung s6 to come out. Hopefully it will be in Jan of 2015. Very excited about its debut.

  6. garix46 says

    Please no bigger. That’s what the NOTE is for. I love the size of my S4 and the S5 is only slightly bigger. If you make this thing 6 inches that’s over kill and would instantly make it bigger than the NOTE 4. I would think Samsung’s marketing is smarter than that.

    To me just make the screen resolution better (4K/Amoled), the RAM larger (4GB), the processor better, the internal storage larger (think 32 GB to start), external 128GB capable, A LARGER BATTERY (think charging it every other day instead of EVERY day).

    Leave the camera alone. 20 MP is ridiculously too big for a phone camera. That’s DSLR size. Yes make the front camera better but just make the software on the back camera better and the lens.

    To me the biggest thing you can do to any new phone is make the battery life last. Yes all the speed and new features are great but charging your phone constantly because you wanted to play a game for an hour is ridiculous.

  7. CJ says

    I think a phone with better battery is really number one priority and then the specs. Also, the S models are phones not phablets. Keep it at 5 – 5.2″ the biggest. “Please”

  8. Nishant says

    May be this one is the best Galaxy series smartphone that Samsung have ever released and can beat iPhone 6. Hope to get this phone in my hands as soon as possible.

  9. Reginald Shaw says

    Galaxy s3: Call for Supernova Technology;
    Buy now the galaxy s6 would be excellent with an exception of a 6gb internal memory, and 32 – 128 external sd card specialty made by Samsung manufacturer.

  10. Sunny Dibang says

    Despite the amazing features of the ultimate S5, Samsung has decided to take us to the next level with the upcoming S6. I’ll continue loving Samsung’s exceptional quality products! Kudos!!!

  11. Patty Wille says

    yes battery life is important, it’d be nice if the Galaxy S6 launched right around Christmas , because that’s going to be my Christmas present to myself and if not i sure hope it’s out not too long after the first of the year, love my Samsung. Have a great day :)

  12. Doug Derouin says

    My choice for my next up grade from MY Sammy s5 will be decided when I see the s6. Since the S5 can hold its own against the i6 in many ways it may be a no brainer to go to a s6. If its a minor upgrade I will go IPhone. My I5 gets use and accessories are so much easier to get for Apple products. I do hope the s6 is a generational change re build etc.

  13. aimkuu says

    Smart phones come with different price tags. This will differ depending on a lot of things; For instance, the time of purchase. When a phone is released it costs more than if you bought it a few weeks later. The Samsung Galaxy S6 price will be around 700-800 USD. You also have the option of buying your phone from network carriers. This will usually cost you less especially with contracts.

    Smart phone manufacturers also give you the option of preordering. A pre order would cost you more than regular purchase. There are also retail stores that get stocked with the new smart phones when they are released. Some of these stores give discounts. These are just some of the options you have in case you want to start budgeting for your Galaxy S6.

  14. Maxwell says

    It wont have any of that.
    Maybe a metal frame. Thats about it

    No one knows the specs and this website isn’t in the know.

  15. Gary says

    To make it the best it should have front facing speakers like the M8. That is the only thing that is still kepping me on the fence.

  16. Jaz says

    Why make it bigger??? I mean isn’t that why the note was made.?? I love my Samsung S phones but the bigger you make them, I will stop buying these phones because they’re getting way to big…. I’m pushing towards apple now because they’re not so big… I hate huge phones…

  17. Joyce says

    Hmmmm……From all posts to the negative regarding the S6…I would hope that Samsung would ” listen” to the majority stating…..BIGGER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER !!! The NOTE is the way to go, if one wants a larger phone….Over-kill can push devoted S users over to the Apple I phone….Be careful…SAMSUNG!!

  18. Zavier sledge says

    I think the s6 should not have a removal back try something different this time and not have a removal back and dont make it so big or im not buying it PERIOD!!!!

  19. Jason says

    I have owned the Galaxy’s S all the way to Galaxy S4. I was inclined to get a S5 until I saw the S6. I may skip the S5. I like the metal back cover idea but we may find it scratches easier than the plastic. My S4 is white and like the electric blue S6 but keeping white in mind. The size of the S4 is perfect. When I saw the S5, I thought that is the BIGGEST I will go for. The S6 sold me on the curved display which alludes to a smaller display but in fact is larger than the S5.

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